T3 Championships Preview

This seasons's field is the most competitive one ever.   The Mid-Michigan Saints are looking to be the first T3 team to ever repeat as Champions.   They defeated the Detroit Knights in overtime at championships last season (9--8).    The Saints are  entering the Championships with the T3 scoring leader - Jason Westfall (68 points) and the goalie with the lowest GAA - Justin Spavale (3.28).    They are not the #1 seed but they may be the team to beat this weekend. 

Five of the eight teams have won at least one tournament this season with two teams winning three tournaments each (Drev and Knights).   The Buffalo RC is the only first year team to make it to Championships this season.  They are coming to championships hot off of the Buffalo2 tournament win.    With single-game elimination on Sunday anything can happen.

*Pictured is the Season 3 - T3 champion Windy City Syndicate whom defeated the Red Army 4-2 at the New Rink in Shelby Township, MI (May 2013). 

SeedTeamRecordTourneys WonProjected Lines
1Detroit Revolution15-3-5Winterfest, Cincy2, Chi2+200
2Mid-Michigan Saints18-3-0Chicago1, Cincy1+150
3Detroit Knights17-5-0Det1, GR, Det2+180
Buffalo RC12-7-2Buffalo27-2
5Lockport Armada12-8-0None4-1
6Buffalo Fusion White11-7-0Buffalo15-1
7Windy City Syndicate North8-8-0None10-1
8Cincinnati Rollerdactyls3-12-1None20-1

Previous T3 Champions

Season WinnerRunner-up
1Puck Ups (Grand Rapids)Hell Hounds (Lansing)
2Chi-Town Shamrocks 6-2Phenom (Lansing)
3Windy City Syndicate 5-4Red Army (Lansing)
4Buffalo Fusion 4-3Shamrocks
5Detroit Revolution 7-0Buffalo Fusion
Great Lakes Assassins 5-4Summit Shamrocks
7Buffalo Fusion White 5-4Midwest Crusaders
8Mid-Michigan Saints 9-8 (ot)Detroit Knights