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2014-15  Tournament schedule                   List of Teams  -  HERE

2014-15 Schedule

September 6-7th, 2014: Buffalo
Northtown Center, Buffalo, NY

September 27-28, 2014: Grand Rapids 1
Rivertown Sports, Grandville, MI

October 11-12th, 2014: Columbus
Columbus Roller Hockey, Grandview Hts, OH

November 8-9th, 2014: Grand Rapids 2
Rivertown Sports, Grandvlle, MI

November 15-16th, 2014: Cincinnati 1
Sports Plus, Cincinnati OH

January 17-18, 2015: Detroit Winterfest
Joe Dumars Fieldhouse, Shelby Twp., MI

February 7-8th, 2015: Cincinnati 2
Sports Plus, Cincinnati, OH

February 28-3/1, 2015: Grand Rapids 3
Rivertown Sports, Grandville, MI

March 14-15, 2015: Pittsburgh
Hot Shots Arena, Mt.Pleasant, PA

March 28-29th, 2015: Fort Wayne 1
Canlan Ice Arena, Ft.Wayne, IN

April 11-12th, 2015: Detroit 2
Sports Forum, Clinton Twp., MI

April 25-26th, 2015: Fort Wayne 2
Canlan Ice Arenea, Ft.Wayne, IN

May 16-17th, 2015: Detroit
Joe Dumars Fieldhouse, Shelby Twp., MI
2014-15 Fighting Rule in MIHA
MIHA: (1) Two players on opposing teams may drop their gloves and square off to exchange punches. Officials will allow this fight to proceed until one or both players are unable to continue the fight. If a player has a cage on, he must remove his helmet prior to the fight beginning. Both combatants must be willing to engage in the fight. If a player is involved in multiple fights during a game an ejection shall be assessed. If a player is involved in three fights during a tournament a tournament ejection shall be assessed.
(2) If a player initiates a fight but does not engage in the fight he may receive a 2 minute minor for instigating at the officials discretion. The player throwing the punch may be assessed a 10 minutes misconduct along with the 5 minute major.

2014-15 MIHA Information
* More tournaments added to help reduce travel costs
* Most affordable national league, tournament pricing only $395/team all divisions
* Discounts for season teams (4-5 tournament commitment)
* Top teams in each division earn a spot in Championships
* T4 division for true recreation players
* T4 is meant to be TRUE REC, lowest division at most rinks, little or no tourney exp.
* 3 goal limit in T3 AND T4, this applied to regulation, a 4th goal is not a penalty
* Same competitive hockey that MIHA is known for
* Same strict stance on NO RINGER players or teams!
* Prizes for MVP / MVG at every event
* Prizes awarded at end of season
* One team per player at each tournament, exception with goalie that skates out in a different division
* Must play Saturday to play on Sunday (unless already rostered before start of tourney and Tournament Director is notified prior to start of tourney - examples - funeral, wedding, work)
*All roster additions must be pre-approved
* Must have a set of matching jerseys and one alternative set that are all black/white or matching
*Concussion plan put in place - If a player obtains a concussion during play, they may not return to any MIHA tournament until a note is received from a physician clearing the player to participate.

2015-16 MIHA information
*To have preferred scheduling, teams must have a minimum of 1 set of jeresys  with the MIHA logo

The 2014-15 Championships was the year of the favorites over-coming adversity and winning their divisions.

T2 - The Buffalo City Hawks Black were the favorites to win even though they didn't even make it to the Finals in Fort Wayne2.  Saturday they defeated Syndicate 6-2 then Shamrocks 5-4.  Sunday wasn't easy either, defeating the Knights 6-3, Squirtle 5-2 in the first two games.  The T2 Championship game didn't disappoint either, the Syndicate got off to an early 2-0 lead.  The teams battled back and forth and the Syndicate had the 8-7 lead with just 2 minutes to play.  But with just a minute left, the City Hawks tied the game and due to an (obvious) trip had a powerplay entering OT.  The 3-on-2 OT powerplay was too much for Syndicate to defend and the City Hawks ended it 1:45 into the overtime.

T3 - The Detroit Revolution  advanced easily to the Championship game defeated the Buffalo Fusion White 7-0.  The real story of the T3 division was the lower side of the bracket.  The T3 semi final game was between the #10 Buffalo Fusion and #11 Buffalo Fusion White.  Many of the higher seeds of the division were knocked out first round including the Great Lakes Assassins and the Detroit Black Widows.

T4 - For the first time ever in MIHA, a game ended 0-0 in regulation.  The Detroit Revolution and Mid-Michigan Saints met in the semi-final game and (3) 14's wasn't enough to put up a single goal.  Another 5 minutes didn't resolve the stalemate either.  After extra rounds of the shoot-out, the Detroit Revolution advanced to the Championship game where they defeated the Buffalo City Hawks White.

We thank everyone for a great season, especially the players and captains that ultimately run and participate in the league.
MIHA Championships