Season 10 Championships Recap

T2 Champions - Windy City Syndicate

The Syndicate entered the Championships in the top pool but they dropped both of their games Saturday (Gong Show 2-3 and Detroit Smoke 8-4).   They ended up as the #4 seed for Sunday.   First round they defeated a Detroit Knights team that went 2-0 on Saturday.   In the semi-finals they beat the #1 overall seeded West Michigan Gong Show 2-1.  The favorite team by many to win the championship was the Ohio Kings, they had only lost one game in regulation this season and only one game last season but were unable to attend last season's championships at Dumars.  The Kings were knocked out in the quarter-final by the Buffalo Anarchy 6-5 in a shootout.    In the Championships game the Syndicate defeated the Detroit Smoke 6-3, capturing the teams back-to-back championship and third ever for the T2 Windy City Syndicate.  

T3A Champion - Detroit Revolution

The Detroit Revolution entered Championships only having played 7 games with a 5-1-1 record.  On Saturday they earned the #1 seed by defeating the Mid-Michigan Saints 5-3 and the Chicago Rampage 8-2.  The #1 seed ended up being very helpful as the #2, #3, #4 seeds all lost their first round games on Sunday (Saints, Growlers, and Rampage).   On Sunday they defeated the Lockport Armada Black 5-2, Lockport Armada Purple 5-1, and in the Championships game defeated the Detroit Knights 3-2.  

T3B Champion - Indianapolis Sr. Fuel

The Indy Fuel defeated the Detroit Revolution on Saturday 8-1 and the Cincinnati Rollerdactyls 10-2.  They earned the bye until the championships game where they rematched the Detroit Revolution.    The game was a close one, being tied 3-3 in the 2nd period.  But the Indy Fuel held on to win their first MIHA Championship 5-4. 

T4 Champion - Southwest Ohio Outlaws

The Outlaws started off Saturday going 1-1 with a win against the Chicago Rampage (6-4) and a lost against the Chicago Mary Pats (2-3).    On Sunday they defeated Lockport Armada 7-4, the Chicago Rampage (6-4), and in the Championship game held off the Windy City Syndicate who were looking for their back-to-back championship win after upsetting several teams last year at Dumars.   Congratulations to the Southwest Ohio Outlaws on their first franchise MIHA Championship!