Season 10: Division Changes

(Pictured is the June 2010 MIHA Kalamazoo Bronze division winners - West Michigan Gong Show)

For the 10th season, MIHA will be creating a 4th division, kind of.   The T2 division will remain as it is, a top level division that is not considered PRO.    The T3 division will be split into an A and a B division at most (if not all) tournaments.  For sure we will have split divisions at Winterfest and Championships.   Most of the other tournaments should have enough teams to be able to split into an A and B division.   The downfall is instead of being split into an early or late group based on scheduling request, the split based on talent level.   This will cause several schedule requests to not be granted.   Please plan on being available for all possible time slots for all tourneys this season.   The T4 division will remain as it was last season except for the top teams will be moving up into the newly created T3 (B) division.     The division splits are to be re-evaluated at each tournament, so a team could play in both the A and B division during the season.  The decision of what T3 division each team is in will be based on the leagues opinion, the other teams in the division, and the team in question as far as to their preference.    This T3 division split could help lead to a true 4th division for future seasons of MIHA.  We look forward to seeing how this works out this season to make the league even better and games more competitive!