Cincinnati Schedule Posted!

Summit Hockey will be sponsoring the Cincinnati1 tournament.  They will be providing t-shirts for the MVP's and MVG's.  They sell apparel, bearings, and hockey sticks.  Check out the new hockey company with the link on the bottom of this page. 

There will be 7 teams from Ohio at next weekends tournament in Cincinnati.  In T3 -  The Rollerdactyls, Smoke, Flames, Crusaders, and Wolfpack.  In T4 - The Bearcats and the Smoke will represent Ohio.  The host cities have done very well this season with at least one of the host teams winning at each tourney. 

In Chicago the T2 Syndicate, T3 Summit Shamrocks, and T4 Chi-Town Shamrocks swept the tourney.  In Detroit the Detroit Knights surprised everyone and won the T2 division.  In Grand Rapids, the West Michigan Gong Show won the T2 and T4 divisions.  

Cincinnati1 Schedule

Summit Hockey

*The T3 Buffalo Fusion White team is looking for a goalie, contact them from the teams page if interested