Scheduling Starts!

All MIHA season teams will start scheduling for the 2016-17 season.   All teams pick 2 home tournaments first.  If there are no "home" events or only one "home" event, they can pick whatever 2 tournaments that they want.  After the first two rounds are complete, teams will be picking in seniority order the remainder of their schedule. 

The schedule will be set by the time that scheduling starts. 

To start scheduling tournaments, teams must have a $200 deposit on file with MIHA.  Deposits can be sent Paypal or Chase Quick Pay to  or you can email to set up a time to call and pay with a credit card or debit card. 

Regarding changes for next season, all divisions will be kept at the same talent level and we will keep the 3 division format.   We will take the top teams in each division for a championship event, details are TBD - when captains vote on issues and rules.  T2 and T3 can play up to 5 tournaments each that count towards championships.  T4 will remain at up to 4 tournaments.  Many T4 teams will play in a 5th tournament, but that will be under a different team name, not earning points or roster qualifications towards championships.  

All tournaments are capped at 15 teams.  Except for:  Detroit 1 - Taylor (16), Detroit 3 - 28 teams.  Once we reach 16 teams we will hold teams on a waiting list until there are 20 teams.  Once there are 20 teams, we will book up to 28.  This is due to the extra staff and costs associated with a second floor only being utilized for a few hours with 17-19 teams. 

All tournaments are $425.  There are discounts for teams that play in the multi-tournament season format.