Black Friday / Small Business Saturday SALE!

Help support MIHA and small business with purchasing a custom MIHA hoodie, MIHA t-shirt, or Labeda wheels.

Any order of $25 or more will receive a FREE GIFT!   

T-Shirt: Just pick your shirt (Hoodie or T-shirt), design (horizontal or vertical), size, ink color, and color shirt and email the order T-shirts are $15 or 2 for $25 and hoodies are $25 each. 

Wheels - Addictions $84/8, Milliniums $64/8, Grippers $44/8.  Just specify your size - 80mm 76mm 72mm

Bearings - SUMMIT Swiss $40, Labeda 7's $30

Add $5 for shipping or pick up at your next tournament.   Forms of payment accepted include Paypal and Chase Quickpay -

Please email with your order before Dec 1st! 

MIHA t-shirt horizontal

MIHA t-shirt vertical
Labeda Wheels