Off Season Schedule

MIHA off-season schedule

July 1st - MIHA is accepting deposits for the season.  $200 returning teams, $300 new teams.  Venmo @Mike-Staple, Paypal / Chase -, contact for other payment options. 

July 10 - 18th: Captains submit requests for any players moving down a division.  If not approved during this time, the players will have to play their next tourney in the last division (or higher) that they most recently played.  (Possible discretion of allowing a move-down if the team demonstrates they can not complete with the roster that they have after 2 tourneys played).  

July 19-24th: Teams review and vote on move-down requests. 

Late July: 2019-20 MIHA tournament schedule finalized. 

August 1st:  Deposits DUE!   Teams have missed scheduling because of missing this deadline.   T2 scheduling will start at this time.   The T2 schedule is completed first to ensure a min of 4-5 teams per tournament.   Than in seniority order by round T3 and T4 will be completed, similar to NHL draft order - not a snake draft.  

August 4th:  Teams submit rule change requests which will be reviewed and submitted to the teams to vote on.  Past voting including topics such as - goalie sub rules, goal limit, championships eligibility, number of players in shootout, OT rules, etc. 

August 9th-11th: MIHA ref meeting.   Friday golf outing.   Saturday annual meeting at Dockers.   Review of rules for upcoming season.  Review of voting preferences by teams.   Initial ref scheduling for events.  

August Middle: All tourney team lists are complete

Sept 28-29th:  Season starts at Taylor!