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2015-16 MIHA Information

Scheduling starts in July with T2.  
Returning teams schedule before new teams. 
Seniority order of scheduling is on the left.
Teams must have $200 deposit received by the league before they can schedule.  ($100 for returning teams)  Scheduling is first come, first serve based on the schedule on the left, so if you miss the deadline you may not get your choice of tournaments or even any local tournaments. 
Last season, 11 of the 12 tournaments were sold out.  Tournaments are limited to 15 teams per tourney except for a few central locations where the cap is 16 and rinks with two floors where the cap is closer to 30. MIHA does not force teams to play 11pm or 7am like many other tournament formats. 
Seniority is based on how many FULL season’s your organization has played in MIHA.  Teams that started at the same time are ranked based on how many teams that have entered, if they have played in MIHA in single tourneys before they were a full season team, and payment history. 
Tournaments are capped at 7 teams to any division, then 4 teams for the next division, so there will be 4 teams left in the third divison.
  • More tournaments added to help reduce travel costs
  • Most affordable national league, tournament pricing only $400/team all divisions
  • Discounts for season teams (4-5 tournament commitment)
  • Top teams in each division earn a spot in Championships
  • T4 division for true recreation players
  • T4 is meant to be TRUE REC, lowest division at most rinks, little or no tourney exp.
  • 3 goal limit in T3 AND T4, this applied to regulation, a 4th goal is not a penalty
  • Same competitive hockey that MIHA is known for
  • Same strict stance on NO RINGER players or teams!
  • Prizes for MVP / MVG at every event
  • Prizes awarded at end of season
  • One team per player at each tournament, exception with goalie that skates out in a different division
  • Must play Saturday to play on Sunday (no exceptions)
  • All roster additions must be pre-approved 
  • Must have a set of matching jerseys and one alternative set that are all black/white or matching
  • Concussion plan put in place – If a player obtains a concussion during play, they may not return to any MIHA tournament until a note is received from a physician clearing the player to participate. 
  • To have preferred scheduling, teams must have a minimum of 1 set of jeresys  with the MIHA logo 


Withdraw Rules

  • Teams can withrdraw prior to 30 days before an event and not lose their deposit.  
  • Teams that withrdraw within 30 days will lose their deposit and their championship eligibility
  • Teams that withdraw after the schedule is posted, typically the week before a tourney, are done for the season and lose their deposit. (see 2015-16 Cincinnati Shock) 

Deposits for 2015-16 season


Owner or Captain

Deposit Status

Buffalo City Hawks T2  

Phil Serafini

Paid – Paypal 8/3

Buffalo City Hawks T3

Jeremy P

Paid – carried over

Buffalo City Hawks T4 White

Josh Wagner

Paid – carried over

Buffalo City Hawks T4 Blue

Kyle Johnson

Paid – Paypal 8/3

Buffalo Fusion T2 

Corey Issacs

Paid – cc 8/3

Buffalo Fusion T3 T3 T4

Stephen Harville

Paid – carried over 

Chi-Town Shamrocks T2 T3 T3 T4 

Sean Conlon

Paid – carried over

Cincinnati Flames T3  

Paul Ferryman

Paid – cc 7/30

Cincinnati Rollerdactyls T3

Tracy Bracher

Paid – Paypal 8/3

Cincinnati Rollerdactyls T4 

Andrew Weber

Paid – Paypal 8/3

Cincinnati Smoke T3  

Christian Walter

Paid – Paypal 7/31

Detroit Knights T2 T3

Karl Richardson

Paid – cc 8/3

Detroit Revolution T3 T4 

Mike Farinelli

Paid – Chase 729

Great Lakes Assassins T3

Neil Domanski 

Paid – Paypal 7/22

Great Lakes Norsemen T2 T3 T4

Ned Kennedy

Paid – Paypal 7/26

Mid-Michigan Saints T2 T3 T4

Dave Anderson

Paid – Paypal 7/31

Midwest Crusaders T3

Scott Felver 

Paid – carried over

N.Ohio Wolfpack T3

Pierce Row

Paid – Paypal 7/23

Squirtle Squad T2 T3 T4

Jake Bell

Paid – Paypal 8/3

West Michigan Gong Show T2

Matt Myers

Paid – cc 8/3

West Michigan Gong Show T4

Mike Whelpley

Paid – Paypal 7/31

Windy City Syndicate T2 T3 T3 T4

Mark Guitieriez

Paid – Paypal 7/16