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The Midwest Inline Hockey Association is a newly designed league which was built to attract highly talented and intermediate level roller hockey players from across the Midwest region.


League Information

  • TIER I is considered equivalent to NARCH/TOHRS – Gold, Pro Tier 1 and 2, and MCRHL D1/D2 teams that get invited to Nationals.
  • TIER II is considered equivalent to NARCH/TORHS – Bronze and MCRHL teams that do not attend Nationals.
  • TIER III is considered equivalent to Copper and Aluminum house leagues. Teams in  this division focus more on strategy and positioning than typical Copper and Aluminum divisions. Games are won with teamwork instead of individual effort. Higher level players are forbidden from playing in T3. *New for 2012-13: 3 goal limit per player per game.
  • TIER IV is considered rec level, typically the lowest division offered for league play at a facility. These players are not good enough for many national tournaments lowest division offered.  examples: TORHS Aluminum, State Wars any division. *3 goal per player per game rules is in effect in this division. 

Fighting – Please see the rule book regarding fighting.  A players first fight will result  in a 5-minute major penalty.  The players second fight in one game will mean ejection from the game.  If a player continues to fight when the refs attempt to break   it up, they will be ejected.  No body slamming allowed.  


MIHA Is Very Organized 

Events are secured with rinks several months ahead of time, not days.  The unique format of full length games allows MIHA to run 3-8 teams per division.  Five out of the six tournaments during the 2011-12 season sold out, so availability is extremely limited to those teams that pay in full and have a good history. 


MIHA Is Player And Team Friendly

The costs are kept at a minimum, travel is limited, and intermediate level players  are encouraged to play.  


Other advantages

  • Games time convenient
  • No “player insurance” fees, the league provides liability insurance when required – No admission charge for fans
  • No additional costs mid-season
  • No individual player registration fees
  • No sponsorship sharing fees, your sponsor – your money

Ownership – MIHA Is An LLC

  • Owner/President – Mike Staple of Muskegon, MI:
  • Regional Representative – Sean Conlon from the Chicago area:
  • Regional Representative – Karl Richardson from the Detroit


About The Owner, Mike Staple

  • ASA – Muskegon Community College 2002
  • BS – Criminal Justice, Grand Valley State University 2004
  • Participated  in the following leagues:
  • MCRHL ’06-’07 Grand Valley State University
  • MLRH Michigan Thunder ’08-’09′ – Goalie
  • SLAMM New York Flash ’09 runner-up
  • MLRH Washington DC Filibusters ’09-’10
  • Goalie / GM / Owner
  • Various adult leagues at Rivertown Sports, Cedar Rock          Sports Plex, Sports Forum, Dumars Field House