The MIHA was designed to attract highly skilled roller hockey players for the tier 1 division along with skilled competitive hockey players for the T2 division, with intermediate level players for the tier 3 division and beginner level players for the tier 4 division.  This league was designed to be player and team friendly along with being low cost. 

Fall/Winter 2013-14 Season
League fee provides: rink rental, liability insurance, website support, game pucks, prizes, scoreboard personnel, scheduling, and referees.  No added costs later!  Some events include free photography!
Series FormatGame Information
Twelve separate tournaments
3 divisions: Tier 2 / Tier 3 / Tier 4
Each tournament consists of a min. of 3 full length games
2 games Saturday for round robin play
Minimum 1 playoff game Sunday, up to 3.
Points will be awared to each team based on wins/losses
Top teams are invted to the Championship weekend
Top 8 teams in T2 and T3 automatically advance
Top 6 teams in T4 automatically advance (tbd)
Championship Weekend
Only TBD to enter into champ teams invited per T2 and T3 division
Top TBD teams in T4 division
1 round robin game for seeding:
#1 v #2, #3 v #4, #5 v #6, #7 v #8
Single Elimination for playoff bracket after initial round
Championship roster rules can be viewed by clicking here
$500 cash prize to Champion of Tier 1 at each event if applicable
Prizes awarded to tournament winners at each event in each division
  • All games are 3 running clock 14 minute periods
  • No player can play for multiple teams or divisions at a single tournament
  • Non-checking
  • 4 on 4
  • 2:00 minor penalties
  • Teams must have 1 set of matching jerseys, more strict for T1 division
  • Alternate jerseys must be close to matching, whites/darks of similar style
  • For details on game rules click here
Team Pricing Information
Tier 1 Elite/PRO
$395 an event per team or contact for the season
Tier 2 Competitive
$395 an event per team or contact for the season
Tier 3 & 4 Intermediate / Recreation
$395 an event per team or contact for the season
First Name: Last Name:Phone Number:
Team Name: Home City: Email:
Division: Event:
***VERY LIMITED SPACE: Season Sign-up is limited to the first 12-14 teams per location***