The MIHA was designed to accommodate skilled hockey players for the T2 division, with intermediate level players for the tier 3 division and beginner level players for the tier 4 division.  This league was designed to be player and team friendly along with being low cost.   The team captains dictate the format of the league.  They essentially run the league with the administration handling the payments for rink rentals, refs, scorekeepers, insurance, and other necessities.

Fall/Winter 2013-14 Season
League fee provides: rink rental, liability insurance, website support, game pucks, prizes, scoreboard personnel, scheduling, and referees.  No added costs later!  Some events include free photography!
Series FormatGame Information
Twelve separate tournaments
3 divisions: Tier 2 / Tier 3 / Tier 4
Each tournament consists of a min. of 3 full length games
2 games Saturday for round robin play
Minimum 1 playoff game Sunday, up to 3.
Points will be awared to each team based on wins/losses
Top teams are invted to the Championship weekend
Top 8 teams in T2 and T3 automatically advance
Top 6 teams in T4 automatically advance (tbd)
Championship Weekend
Only TBD to enter into champ teams invited per T2 and T3 division
Top TBD teams in T4 division
1 round robin game for seeding:
#1 v #2, #3 v #4, #5 v #6, #7 v #8
Single Elimination for playoff bracket after initial round
Championship roster rules can be viewed by clicking here
$500 cash prize to Champion of Tier 1 at each event if applicable
Prizes awarded to tournament winners at each event in each division
  • All games are 3 running clock 14 minute periods
  • No player can play for multiple teams or divisions at a single tournament
  • Non-checking
  • 4 on 4
  • 2:00 minor penalties
  • Teams must have 1 set of matching jerseys, more strict for T1 division
  • Alternate jerseys must be close to matching, whites/darks of similar style
  • For details on game rules click here
Team Pricing Information
Tier 1 Elite/PRO
$395 an event per team or contact for the season
Tier 2 Competitive
$395 an event per team or contact for the season
Tier 3 & 4 Intermediate / Recreation
$395 an event per team or contact for the season
First Name: Last Name:Phone Number:
Team Name: Home City: Email:
Division: Event:
***VERY LIMITED SPACE: Season Sign-up is limited to the first 12-14 teams per location***